AmoyDx has successfully held the 2023 Distributors Annual Meeting at the headquarter in Xiamen, China, on January 22-23, 2024
Date:2024-02-06Source: AmoyDx

The 2023 Distributors Annual Meeting has been successfully hosted at the headquarter in Xiamen, China, on January 22-23, 2024. The event, attended by overseas colleagues and distributors worldwide, achieved notable success and provided a platform for a focused and productive experience.

The gathering commenced with an informative tour of AmoyDx's advanced laboratory, showcasing our cutting-edge technological capabilities in serving global patients. The subsequent business meeting facilitated discussions on our latest technological innovations, shared growth ambitions, and included practical workshops where participants exchanged valuable experiences and insights.

The meeting concluded with a sightseeing excursion to Xiamen's Gulangyu Island, providing participants with an opportunity for leisure and cultural exploration.

We express our sincere gratitude to all attendees for their contributions to the success of this annual meeting. Their participation has further solidified our partnerships and we look forward to continued collaboration in the future. We anticipate reconnecting with everyone next year for another focused and constructive gathering.

For more information, please call us at +86-592-6806835 or email us at

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