What is the turnaround time for the Super-ARMS EGFR kit?
About 15 min hands on time and 120 min PCR run.
What is the shelf life of AmoyDx Kits? Depending on what? Could you specify here, which test kit has which shelf life?
The shelf life of different detection kits is different, including 6, 8 and 12 months.
It is determined by the stability performance evaluation, including evaluation of physical performance, accuracy, specificity, limit of detection and repeatability.
See the document “AmoyDx Product List” for more information.
How do you set the threshold when analyzing the test?
When each run is finished, we need to setup a specific threshold according the amplification status. Please see more details refer to the file “Threshold adjustment according to PCR instrument”. Also, you can ask our business manager for a specific product threshold setting SOP guidance document.
Does the Light Cycler 480 PCR machine require the use of an adapter for PCR strips?
Yes, the adapter is available from your local Roche dealer, or can be ordered from the company Bio-plastics (Cat No. B79480). The PCR strips need to be placed on the adapter because this adaptor holds strips or tubes in place during real-time PCR runs.
What does "pre-loaded" mean for the EGFR and KRAS kits?
"Pre-loaded" kits have the buffer, primers, probes, and nucleotides pre-loaded into the PCR strips. The user just adds the sample DNA and Taq enzyme (included in the kit). The EGFR and KRAS kits are also available "in-bulk", which means the user pipettes the reagents into the PCR tubes.
Can you use your PCR test kits also for liquid biopsies? If yes, which ones are suitable and why?
Our Super-ARMS technology with high sensitivity is a perfect choice for liquid biopsy. Currently we have choices for “Super-ARMS EGFR mutations kit”, “Super-ARMS EGFR T790M mutation kit”, “Super-ARMS EGFR C797S mutation kit”, and the “Super-ARMS KRAS/NRAS/BRAF panel testing kit”.
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