AmoyDx® Virus/Cell RNA Kit
Product Description

Intended Use
The AmoyDx® Virus/Cell RNA Kit provides silica-based membrane and special lysis buffer system for virus and cell RNA extraction effectively. This kit is specially designed for isolation and purification of RNA from biological specimens and cultured cells. The purified RNA is suitable for downstream applications such as real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR).

Principles of the Procedure
The biological specimens and cultured cells are lysed with Buffer RLB and Proteinase K Solution Plus to release RNA. The lysate is applied to a RNA spin column, where the RNA binds to the membrane and impurities are removed with wash buffer. The purified RNA is eluted in Buffer RTE.

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AmoyDx® Virus/Cell RNA Kit is available in the following size.

Product Name Size (tests/kit)
AmoyDx® Virus/Cell RNA Kit 36T
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