AmoyDx at WCLC 2020 wrap-up
Date:2021-02-01Source: AmoyDx

As a supporter to WCLC 2020, AmoyDx set up a virtual booth with NSCLC product pipeline and sponsored an Industry Symposium with the hot topics of Biomarker Panel testing in Lung Cancer. Prof. Tony Mok (Chairmen), Prof. Koichi Goto and Prof. Caicun Zhou presented the insights on recent advances. This symposium will be broadcast through WCLC 2020 virtual congress platform (website: and will subsequently be available for on-demand viewing on the Virtual Platform until April 30, 2021.
Meanwhile, abundant research results were published with AmoyDx’s participation and 5 posters among them were released during WCLC 2020, such as Prospective Concordance Study of a Multi-Gene PCR Assay and NGS for the Detection of Targetable Gene Alterations in Lung Cancer; A Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR) Assay Compared with a Next Generation Sequencing(NGS) Assay in the Molecular Diagnosis of Patients with Non-Small-Cell-Lung Cancer(NSCLC);Prevalence of Targetable Mutations using a RT-qPCR multiplex assay in Asian NSCLC patients: A Single Laboratory Experience.


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