AmoyDx EGFR Detection Method Won the 21st China's Top Patent Award
Date:2020-09-04Source: AmoyDx

The EGFR mutation detection method from AmoyDx (Application No.: ZL200910111499.2, Publication No.: CN101608240B) won the Silver Award of the 21st China Patent Award as recently announced by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). China Patent Award is China's top patent award co-organized by CNIPA and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to encourage high-quality innovation and development.

AmoyDx, a company that focuses on technological innovation and values progress in medicine has now successfully developed a number of patented technologies and an extensive product portfolio including ADx-ARMS®, Super-ARMS®, ddCapture®, and ADx-HANDLE®.

The award-winning technology is a sensitive EGFR mutation detection method based on the company's key patented technology ADx-ARMS®. It is designed to offer a highly accurate and fast molecular diagnostic screening approach which enables both tumor tissue and liquid biopsy samples to be easily worked on in clinical practice. Building upon the success of ADx-ARMS® in EGFR mutation detection, AmoyDx has successively developed a Super-ARMS® EGFR mutation detection assay that due to its high sensitivity can be used for liquid biopsy testing and several multi-gene detection kits including the Lung Cancer PCR Panel. The patented EGFR mutation detection technology has pioneered the approach of personalized medicine that evolves especially in the field of lung cancer testing in China and benefits millions of cancer patients. The winning of the Award is the recognition of its innovative achievements in the diagnostics of of patients with cancer.

As a pioneer in leading the technology development and industrialization of molecular diagnostics of China oncology precision medicine, AmoyDx is building an enterprise strong on IP and has applied for more than 60 patents covering PCR, NGS, FISH, IHC and other technologies. In the future, AmoyDx will keep contributing its innovation passion to enhance the exploitation and deployment of high-quality invention, and embark on the road of independent innovation of "high quality and high technology".


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