Breaking News! ROS1, EGFR included on health insurance list of SK, TW
Date:2019-06-24Source: AmoyDx

Breaking News!
South Korea Includes AmoyDx® ROS1 Kit on National Health Insurance List
Taiwan, China Includes AmoyDx® EGFR Kit on Health Insurance List

Recently, AmoyDx® ROS1 Gene Fusion Detection Kit was added to National Health Care Scheme by Ministry of Health Welfare (MOHW), South Korea; AmoyDx® EGFR 29 Mutations Detection Kit was added to the health system insurance list by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA). This contributes to provide superior companion diagnostics services for local NSCLC patients.

AmoyDx® ROS1 Kit and AmoyDx® EGFR Kit are the star products that represent the brand of AmoyDx. They have obtained Certificates of Registration from multi regions including National Medical Products Administration (NMPA, China), CE Mark, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW, Japan), MOHW and TFDA. The AmoyDx® ROS1 Kit has been covered by the Japanese Health Care Scheme. The success approval of ROS1 by MOHW and EGFR by TFDA reflects how quality AmoyDx products are. Additionally, its the significant achievement of independent innovation of national enterprises and an important milestone for Chinese cancer companion diagnostics products entering the globe.
Better Life with AmoyDx! AmoyDx aims at helping patients by providing with high quality, affordable, reliable and legal diagnostic solutions. AmoyDx takes the lead in developing single and multi-gene detection kits based on qPCR and NGS technology with simple operation procedure and accurate detection result. AmoyDx has a complete cancer diagnostic solution set that serves hundreds of thousand patients in more than 50 countries and regions internationally, and gradually become a worldwide leading company in the field of oncology precision medicine.

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