AmoyDx Distributors Annual Meeting 2022
Date:2022-11-17Source: AmoyDx

AmoyDx celebrated its regular distributors annual meeting on November 15-16 in Dusseldorf Germany. This year’s meeting was a hybrid event following two years of virtual meeting due to the global pandemic. A group of 120-plus participants from over 40 countries around the world gathered together at this successful, action-packed event. 

During the meeting, AmoyDx’s representatives expressed warm welcome to old friends and new faces, shared the marketing and commercial plans in 2023, and talked about the global product strategy in the future. Detoxicare and E.P.G DIAGNOSTICA – our distribution partners – shared their valuable experience. In the award ceremony, 11 distributors received their business performance awards for their contribution, dedication and commitment. Congratulation to all of them.

The Distributors Annual Meeting 2022 is a great success. A heartful thanks to all participants both online and onsite.We hope you enjoyed yourself to the fullest. Looking forward to meeting you next year.


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