For Multi-gene kit, Is it normal for the reagents in the DNA portion (tube 5-12) of the test to be solid (waxy) in the tube?
The solid waxy substance in the DNA assay tube is a sealed wax. Please don't worry about the solid wax, as that will melt when the temperature higher than 55℃, thus the sample DNA and reaction mix will be mixed.
The function of using wax in DNA assay tubes are as follow:
(1) Protection: During the transportation, the reagent will be sealed under the cover of solid wax.
(2) Avodid contamination: After PCR run, the temperature will drop down to under 55 ℃, and the wax will solidified and sealed all the amplicon under it.
For RNA assay tubes (Tube 1-4), it requires 42℃ for reverse transcription of RNA to generate cDNA. But at 42℃, wax can not melt, thus the wax sealing isn't adopted for RNA assay.
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