Whom should I contact to discuss quality assessment and result analysis?
Please choose either of the following methods:
a. Please call us at 86-592-6806835;
b. Please send emails to sales@amoydx.com and we will forward your questions to our scientists for immediate analysis. If you have a question about the PCR output, please include the data file in your email.
What is the role of Internal Control, External Control, Negative Control, or Positive Control or Reference Gene in real time PCR?
Internal Control is used to check if the operation (liquid handling) has been performed correctly and to make sure that the sample DNA was added into the tubes.

External Control is used to check the quality of the sample DNA, to measure the DNA overload, the DNA degradation or the presence of PCR inhibitors to identify false positive/negative results.

Negative Control is used as confirmation of no contamination during the operation. If a positive result is obtained with a negative control, the test can be regarded as invalid and should be repeated.

Positive Control is used to show that the reagents of the kit function well without any errors. If experimental errors occur, positive control will not produce a correct result.

The purpose of the Reference Gene assay is used to check the quality of the sample RNA and to measure the RNA degradation or presence of PCR inhibitors to identify false negative results.
What is the amplicon size for your mutation detection kit?
The amplicon length for our kit is 100~200 base pairs.

Why does the PCR protocol have two rounds of amplification?
In the first round of amplification, the annealing temperature is relatively high. This high temperature makes for high specificity, low efficiency amplification, resulting in enrichment for the target sequence. In the second stage, the temperature is lower and primers that were unable to anneal in the first stage can now bind and amplify tagged DNA generated in the initial round of PCR. This second stage is also highly specific, amplifying only target sequences, but is also very efficient. The PCR tube is not opened to introduce the second set of primers - the two stage amplification uses different temperatures to take advantage of the two primer sets.
What are the basic requirements for the qPCR instrument?
For the qPCR instrument, please refer to the compatible instruments listed in our instructions of detection kits.

For other qPCR instruments not included in the IFU, we recommend to send us the brand, model, catalog number or link website of qPCR instrument, then we will further evaluate each parameters for confirmation.
If I order kits for my lab in Europe/LATAM/ Middle East/ Asia outside of China today, how fast will I get them?
We have a logistic center in the Netherlands (BOMI), it will be very convenient and fast to deliver kits from the Netherlands if you want to order our products.
The general time is 2~3 working days from BOMI to Europe/LATAM, 3~5 working days from China to Europe/LATAM/ Middle East/ Asia outside of China.
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