What is the advantage of the HANDLE technology?
1) Take advantage of both amplicon and capture to achieve better coverage and higher specificity
2) High accuracy and sensitivity (2%, much better than other brands) with the help of UID (UID/UMI: Unique molecular identifier, the barcode sequences added to each fragment, can help tracing back to the original template.)
3) Much easier to use and faster to get the results. One tube solution, total turn-a-round time of 5h, with hands on time of 1h.
4) Lower DNA input (down to 10ng), lower cost of sequencing for higher efficiency of data utilization.
Can you explain what the advantage of ddCAP is?
1) Using patent technology of AmoyDx for ddCAP, for better coverage and performance.
2) It has been validated using thousands of clinical samples, the performance is very good with a sensitivity of 1%.
3) Both tissue and liquid biopsy samples are applicable, convenience for patients no tissue sample available.
4) Use DNA template for all the SNVs, InDels, and Fusions detection at the same time.
Can you also detect RNA with your panel?
The Essential kit, BRCA1/2 testing kit and HRR panel are only DNA based detection; Classic NGS panel detect fusions based on RNA template.
Is your NGS kit suitable for liquid biopsies?
The Essential NGS Panel is designed to be applicable for tissue/cytology samples and “liquid biopsy” samples.

The BRCA1/2 testing and HRR panel can be done with tissue and blood cells only, not for “liquid biopsy” testing now.

According to our in lab validation result, the Classic NGS panel showed high potential for liquid biopsy testing. So customers can try to test liquid biopsy samples using this kit. We are also collecting more samples for further validation.
Can your NGS products be automated?
Yes, all our NGS products can be integrated with an automatic library construction machine. Furthermore, our products based on HANDLE system have a much easier procedure that can be automated more easily.
How do you detect fusion mutations?
We have two main library construction technologies that have different strategies for fusion testing. For HANDLE system, the fusion detection is based on RNA template, the represent product is Classic NGS Panel. For ddCAP technology, the fusion detection is based on DNA template, the product is the Essential NGS Panel.
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